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Relay Output Module

Contains everything you need to control a 12v 40A relay (included) via the annunciator function of the gauge. Kit includes necessary wiring, control module, and relay. Possible applications are controlling an electric cooling fan, turning on/off a water/alcohol injection kit, turning on/off a nitrous kit, etc. For example, one of our customers monitors knock retard and when an unsafe level is seen the gauge turns off his nitrous system. OBD2 parameters as well as analog inputs can be used to trigger the output. Firmware versions 2.6 (non CAN) and 3.4 (CAN) have the necessary code to use this module. The version number can be found on the back of each gauge. Prior versions will need to be reflashed. Contact [email protected] for details if you have an older version.

NOTE: The speed and accuracy at which the relay activates is based on the vehicle's OBD2 bus. CAN bus vehicles will have the fastest response rates due to the increased speed of these communication systems. Our PT, FD, and SR series gauges use a slightly slower protocol but are still relatively fast (about 10x second), the ISO series may not be suitable for applications that require very fast response times due the slower nature of these buses. The user can determine if the response will be fast enough by watching the update rate of the parameters being displayed. The output/annunciator will respond at the same rate as the data shown on the display. Keep in mind that a data rate of "1" is the fastest. Refer to the user manual for the procedure of setting the data rate.


OBD2 Cables:
One OBD2 connection splits into two gauge connectors allowing two single gauges to be used as a dual. Single FD and single SR gauges are not meant to be run as duals however.

To determine the type of cable needed, look at the part number found on the back of your gauges. All that begin with "C" are CAN, all that begin with "I" are ISO, all that begin with PT, SR, or FD will require you to select 'other'

Single FD and single SR gauges are not meant to be run as duals. Most dual gauges will not function properly if split up and used as singles.


9' OBD2 cable section

This cable replaces the 5' cable that is included with the gauge. This cable is 9' long. 
*Select this item ONLY after purchasing a 5' cable.


3 Wire Harness:
This is the analog input/power input harness that comes standard with every gauge

Replacement lens:
For those that have accidentally scratched the inside surface. These replacements are coated on both sides with anti scratch to eliminate chance of installing backwards. There is no longer anti-glare coating on these as requested by customers.


Custom Bezels/Faces:
Gauges come configured with a black face and two tone black bezel with polished silver lip as shown on the main order page, with an included additional white face. Additional optional hardware such as silver face, logo faces, or brushed aluminum bezel can be ordered here.

Custom Bezel: $10
Custom Face: $10 (including Racing Stripe face)
Hydrodipped Bezel: $12.50

*These faces only work on the latest hardware. They will not work on the old style gauges with unremovable bezels. If ordering for a dual set, order 2 of each.

**Note: Camo bezel and Camo face are not sold together. They must be purchased separately.

Custom Faces
Corvette logo
Face Color

Hydrodipped Bezels

Racing Stripes
red face/black stripes

Face Color:

Stripe Color

Add-A-Circuit (Pico 10A Mini fuse holder)
This handy device allows you to make one fused circuit into two. This allows you to connect power to our devices without cutting or splicing any wires, thus resulting in an easier and cleaner installation! Simply choose an existing 10A or lower circuit in your fuse block, remove the fuse, insert the add-a-circuit with existing and new fuse, and you have a new fused 12v circuit! Comes with a 4A fuse.


Bezel Cover
Simply slides over our bezels for a more race-inspired look.


4AN fitting with 1/8" NPT port.
Allows you to install a 1/8" NPT sensor to a -4AN fitting. Has a female -4AN on one end, male -4AN on other end, with a 1/8" NPT tap in the adapter body. Comes with -4AN cap for the male end.
Note: -4 cap is included


5v regulated power supply
Simply connects to switched 12v and ground to supply 5v to our sensor kits. Eliminates the need to tap into other sensor lines or the PCM to obtain 5v.


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Aeroforce Technology warrants this product and its accessories against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

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