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2003 Ford Cobra with Whipple supercharger running 19 psi:

Dual FD series Interceptor gauges part number FD502, Aeroforce 130 psi Oil Pressure kit part number Sens001, Aeroforce wide band O2 sensor kit part number Sens020, Aeroforce 3.5 bar MAP kit to measure boost part # Sens022.

Boost is monitored on the Interceptor gauge, as is oil pressure, A/F ratio, and all of the vital OBD2 engine/fuel parameters such as fuel pressure, intake air temp, post intercooler air temp., mass air flow sensor counts, ignition advance, fuel injector duty cycle, etc. We are able to log A/F ratio vs rpm on the gauge during track runs to keep the fueling at safe levels while running 19 psi on pump gas.

We've set the gauge's LED alarms to illuminate if oil pressure falls below 20 psi, and if RPMS exceed 6100 - this acts as a shift light. Since the gauge updates more than 10x per second this makes for a very accurate and easy to use shift light. Sometimes we will alarm on low fuel pressure instead of oil pressure.

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