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2004 SRT-4 Stage 3:

Dual SR series Interceptor gauges part number SR202 Aeroforce EGT amplifier part number Sens008 Aeroforce EGT sensor part number Sens007 Aeroforce 130 psi Oil Pressure kit part number Sens001 Wide band O2 sensor kit connected to Interceptor analog input Aeroforce 3 bar MAP kit to measure boost, part # Sens005

This is our test vehicle for many of our products. The dual Interceptor gauges display the actual EGT temp. 2 downstream of the turbo, A/F ratio, boost up to 29 psi, oil pressure, and all of the vital OBD2 engine/fuel parameters such as knock retard (short term, long term, total), intake and ambient air temp, ignition spark advance, base spark, spark adjustment, fuel injector duty cycle, etc. We can bump up the boost while running race gas until safe levels of knock are detected. We use a MAP clamp and can adjust this while monitoring A/F ratio on the gauge.

We use the LED warning lights to indicate knock levels above 3 degrees, and A/F ratio above 12.

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