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2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS with Magnacharger running 7 psi:

Dual CN series Interceptor gauges part number CN202 Aeroforce 2 bar MAP kit to measure boost, part # Sens004 Aeroforce Fluid Temp sensor kit part # Sens013 Wide band O2 sensor kit connected to Interceptor analog input Aeroforce 12v relay output module

The Interceptor gauges are very useful on this vehicle. We were able to perform a CASE relearn when we first received our PCM to go with the supercharger. We monitor boost, A/F ratio, intercooler fluid temperature, and all of the vital OBD2 parameters such as oil pressure, knock retard, automatic transmission temp., mass air flow sensor frequency, ignition advance, intake air temperature, etc. Using a third party tuning package we use this data to adjust the timing and fueling to safe levels. We monitor transmission parameters such as torque management, shift time, and torque converter duty cycle and use this data to tune the transmission with this third party tuning software. We experimented with the intercooler tank placement and size using the Aeroforce fluid temperature sensor to find an ideal location to maximize its performance. We are able to keep the fluid within 20 degrees of ambient now. We also use the Interceptor gauge to control our dual electric fans using the optional Aeroforce output relay. The fans are turned on when the coolant temperature exceeds 180 deg F.

The LED warning lights are set to alarm if knock retard exceeds 3 degrees, and if the intake air temp (post intercooler) exceeds 140 degrees F.

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