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2006 Chrysler 300c SRT8:

Dual CNF series gauges part number CNF202 Wide band O2 sensor kit connected to Interceptor analog input

Due to the large number of vital and interesting parameters available from the PCM, this is probably the most useful application we have. Whether drag racing or road racing, there is a plethora of parameters we can monitor to help us analyze the performance of this vehicle.

The SRT8 currently has a 6.4L stroker, and soon will have twin turbochargers. We can monitor knock retard with the gauge to determine safe ignition advance levels. Air fuel ratio is displayed on the gauge thanks to a connection to a wideband O2 sensor kit using the analog inputs. Transmission parameters such as transmission oil temp, torque converter slip, torque converter status (lock/unlock), and torque are monitored to keep an eye on the health of the transmission.

When we used this car for road racing at Mid Ohio, we also monitored many of the ABS/ESP system parameters such as brake line pressure, lateral acceleration, body roll in degrees, and steering angle. This allowed us to qualitatively measure the benefits of our suspension and brake mods.

The gauge also can manually turn on the low and high speed cooling fans allowing us to cool the engine bay between runs. The gauge also will completely turn off the ESP system so there is no interference during a run. We can also reset the learned transmission parameters in the TCM (transmission control module) so that we get redline shifts at wide open throttle.

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